Art in the Library — Color out of Gray… 1/9 to 4/11


My name is Karin Hoffman and I was born in Portland, OR, but currently reside (in what I consider my hometown), Sandy, OR.
I have always had a penchant for art and artistic things, often drawing in the car and while “watching” television as a child/teen. But for me, it was just a hobby and I never had any formal art lessons outside a couple community center classes when I was in elementary school. From fixing up old furniture, repainting beat up model horses, and creating my own cartoon characters I have always loved to create things and make the world more beautiful!
I graduated with a BA from Life Pacific College in 2011 and moved back to Sandy, OR, to marry my college sweetheart, Chris Hoffman. But six years and two little kiddos later, we find ourselves living month-to-month with expenses in our “faux-partment” in the upstairs of my parents’ home.  It has been quite a juggling act!
Even with my husband working a couple jobs and myself working as a house-cleaner for a woman in Sandy, we still are trying to keep our financial ship afloat. Because my kids are so young – Brielle (2 ½ yrs) and Markus (6 mos) – I am very limited as far as job choices. Childcare costs and rotating work schedules make getting another part-time job essentially pointless. So, out of desperation and hope I posted some of my artwork online via Etsy. There was interest! So, I invested a little bit of our precious money in the business and began to make prints of my work from our bedroom/office and painting more pictures from my bathroom/art studio.

It just happened as I was looking for some places that might display my artwork that I found a “Call to Artists” on the City of Beaverton website. I submitted my HD photos of my works that I used to make prints (compliments of my friends the Howard’s at and didn’t tell anyone. The stipend the City gave for each piece used would cover my art investment even if they just picked one piece. To my joy a few weeks later I received an email saying they had picked not just one, but TWO of my paintings. I was nursing my baby boy and I checked my email on my phone; I squealed when I saw the email! My husband was ecstatic when I told him!

Even though I often think it would be great to have a room dedicated to painting, I find that being a mom would keep me away from painting anyway if I didn’t do it in a central location where I can drop the paintbrush at a moment’s notice to go see what the toddler is crying about or go and feed the baby. Sometimes it’s quite amusing to go from painting MY face (with makeup) to painting a face on canvas. I just have to make sure I don’t mix up my make-up brushes with my paintbrushes, and be careful not dip my paintbrush into my coffee instead of the paint water.

Currently, some of my original artwork is on display at the Sandy Public Library and will be immediately going to the Lake Oswego Public Library on August 4th for a main display.
I have prints for sale at Café Delirium in Gresham and for sale at the new Moonlight Coffee House & Boutique in Milwaukie. A vegan restaurant and another coffee shop in Portland are planning to speak with me this fall about consigning prints.

People have asked me how I describe my usual style of painting… I suppose I would label it as colorfully vivid, expressionist with a bit of a pop vibe – focusing mainly on animals in landscapes. My chosen mediums are acrylics on canvas.