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Hello, fellow DAWG readers……

I started the LUCKY DAWG eNEWS in the spring of 2006. We had been up on Vancouver Island and went to a fabulous farmers market in a small community. It had fresh homemade bread and pasta; lively music; art and more.

I wanted this same experience for our community of Estacada OR, so when we got home I was talking with a friend. I shared our farmer’s market experience with Debra and she said she was planning to help get our farmer’s market up and going again. I told her that on Thursday’s I’d send out an email to “everyone I knew,” to remind them to “support local” by heading to the Estacada Farmer’s Market each Saturday.

So, each Thursday, that’s what I did — “on Saturday, please go to the Farmer’s Market.” As the summer progressed I added some of the other community events. In October, when the market was closing, I planned to stop the DAWG, but people said, “you can’t stop now.” So, that’s where it all began.

Soon thereafter, someone suggested I name the weekly email, so I threw it out to the readers and asked them what the name should be. One reader suggested it be called the “Lucky Dog” since I always said that we who live here in the Estacada neighborhood are “lucky dogs.” I LIKED the name. So with help, I named it the LUCKY DAWG eNEWS.

It’s now ten years later. With the help of a dear person here in the neighborhood, I’m taking the LUCKY DAWG eNEWS to the next level. It is now called the “LUCKY DAWG WORLD.” There will continue to be a Thursday reminder that arrives in your email box, but in addition, there is a website, plus Facebook and Pinterest social pages.

So look to the LUCKY DAWG WORLD for all the “cool and groovy events and stuff happening in the neighborhood.”

Come along for the ride…..it’s gonna be a  fun adventure……

gloria, chief blogger   email



exceptional women

 Gloria Polzin “The Energizer Bunny

for Estacada’s Community Connections” pg 14

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